Camí dels Bons Homes MTB

If you have chosen the mountain bike mode to cover the “Camí dels Bons Homes”, think that it is a great personal challenge where you will discover a fantastic country, but at the same time you need important physical preparation and planning of all stages, taking great care of the places where you will have to rest, if necessary by making reservations in advance.

Also think that you will be circulating in the Pyrenees, which we will cross from south to north or vice versa; this means that large slopes must be overcome and that the weather must also be taken into account. In winter it is unthinkable to be able to do it in its entirety and in autumn the rains can damage the roads.

To make the mountain bike route you must keep in mind that the route does not always follow the GR 107 , marked with white and red markings. There are alternative tracks for bicycles that are not signposted on the ground, but that are described and referenced on the website. Most of the French stages match with the footpath.

Usually when there is a track and a path, the bikes always go by the track (look at the map of the brochure, where it indicates the options for MTB and horse-riding), and the route on foot that normally goes though paths.

We recommend visiting the website, where you will find the maps, description, altitudes, tracks of the stages, etc.


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